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Visit the Ninepin Islands and the Ung Kong Group History, culture and natural beauty all in one. History, culture and natural beauty all in one.

two shoes Hok Tau and Sha Lo Tung

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Hidden in the north-east New Territories are two small irrigation reservoirs, Hok Tau Reservoir and Lau Shui Heung Reservoir. With the demise of agriculture the function of the reservoirs has been lost, but they're still being maintained and are set in a really beautiful wooded area.

After visiting the reservoirs we walk to the swampy plateau of Sha Lo Tung, now famous for the many dragonflies, and home to the historic Hakka village of the same name.

This route starts at Lau Shui Heung reservoir, from where we walk via the Fire Lookout (map marker 2) to Hok Tau Reservoir.


After that we walk through the lush woods towards the wetlands of Sha Lo Tung, an abandoned village in a very tranquil environment. This area is surrounded by hills, allowing water to collect here. The buildings of the two main villages here are rated grade II historical buildings, and the area is a major habitat of dragonflies and damselflies. Explore the typical Hakka houses, and see how the people there lived.

In Sha Lo Tung is a small restaurant service snacks including dou-fu-fa, the sweet tofu pudding.

From there we walk down via Fung Yuen, where we may pay a visit to the Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve, and take a bus or minibus to Tai Po Market MTR station.



  • Meet 9:30 at Fanling MTR station, from there take taxi to Lau Shui Heung reservoir.
  • Walk up to the Fire Lookout to enjoy the views over the area (map marker 1).
  • Down the other side, and walk around Hok Tau reservoir (map marker 2).
  • Follow the river on to Sha Lo Tung (map marker 3) to explore the old village.
  • Down to Fung Yuen (map marker 4).
  • Walk to Ting Kok Road to catch a minibus or taxi to Tai Po Market MTR station.

This is an easy going walk of about 8 km, with limited height differences. After finishing the walk we may stop at Tai Po Hui Market for a simple lunch.

For more info, check out the related blog post.

Fee per person: HK$ 130, including transport from Fanling MTR to starting point and a bowl of dou-fu-fa at Sha Lo Tung.

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